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Vector Marketing

Mission: We provide the professional foundation for the next generation through a hands-on experience selling CUTCO® Cutlery.
Location: Olean, New York
Employees: 7686
Funding: Private Company

Company Q&A

Q: What opportunities do less experienced team members have to learn from more senior team members?

Q: How does Vector Marketing onboard new hires?

“New hires go through a 10-hour training session, 5 hours each day on a weekend. After this, the new employee is ready to work independently.”

Q: How does Vector Marketing onboard new hires?

“New Hires have a three day training seminar. Then after that they have a 10 day sales contest where participate in team meetings and can win prizes.”

Q: How does Vector Marketing onboard new hires?

“New hires join a marketing team based on location and go through a two-week training process with their assigned managers.”

Q: How does Vector Marketing onboard new hires?

“The manager or the assistant managers interviews people who saw their job finder online or at the university.”
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Team Members

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Cora Hageman
Vinushega Rajeswaran
Maryam Syed
Thomas Schwarz
Aditya Ambole
Nathan Mynatt
Sales Representative
Karoline Staszczyk
Anshul Dhariwal
Anna White
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Vector Marketing  •
Olean, New York
Olean, New York
What We Do We sell CUTCO, The World's Finest Cutlery. CUTCO has...
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Vector Marketing Salaries

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What employees at Vector Marketing think about working there

“Started working for Vector Marketing because a friend referenced me to the company. What I later learned from him was that he was compensated for the referral, and that was the only money he made from working here. The training provided was very limited and the job was pretty much cold calling. Definitely not a great job to work.”
Working for Vector Marketing is not the worst job I've had. You don't actually make a base salary (I've seen some people say they do but I didn't) so you have to constantly be making sales and doing cold calls, but if you're able to convince people to buy the knives you can make some good money.”
“There are some positive things that you can get out of this job, like you can out of any others, but overall this is definitely more of a pyramid scheme than anything else. They make you pay as a loan your first demo set, they don't pay for any of your training, and they completely lie about the earning potential you can make through commission. I would recommend going to any other job over this one.”
“To be honest I actually didn't even end up working here - I only made it to day two of the training and I quit. It was a very unprofessional atmosphere, lots of lame jokes and no actual training. It was basically just the manager reading off a sheet of paper tips and tricks that were past down to him. Worst part of it was in 2 days we did pretty much 16 hours straight of training, I learned nothing, and we weren't paid. Didn't show up for the third day.”
“Vector Marketing gives you the motivation to get out of the house and start talking to random people. Because of their aggressive approach to selling I've gotten much more confident in my ability to start conversations with different people and I feel I can handle almost any social situation. I stopped working here because they pushed me to sell only to my friends and family, and they would all tell me the product quality was terrible.”

Vector Marketing Glassdoor Themes

Mis-leading job title

I started working for Vector Marketing in their HR department and was told that I'd be doing interviews and bringing on great people to a highly motivated team. My actual job was to call all the leads that new employees gave us (people they thought could sell), and cold call all of them asking if they wanted a job. The interview process was a joke and we hired pretty much anyone who wanted to work for us.
I was told in my initial phone call that the sales job would involve developing leads and building relationships with clients. In the end it was just me selling knives to my friends and family. Humiliating and very dissapointed that I wasted the last two weeks goig through the interview and training process.

Fun and young co-workers

Love going into work and spending time with my friends. I have a very outgoing personality, very bubbly, and fit in perfectly with the rest of the team. We get to learn a lot from each other and we're all going through the same learning curve so it's fun to compare our results.
There are many nice and hard working people who work at Vector Marketing, they do a great job at recruiting people coming right out of university. No matter how great the employees are though, it doesn't make up for how bad the payment structure is.

Mis-leading earning potential

Although the Vector Marketing promotes that you can make $17/hr working for them, you are only actually paid 17$ for every meeting you set with a potential lead. Leads have to be over the age of 30 and own property. Within my network I didn't have anyone who fit that category so after spending 20 hours doing unpaid training, and a week of cold calls, I haven't made anything.
The only way to make the advertised $17/hr rate is if you're able to actually book meetings with potential customers. Their tactic is to tell employees to try and sell to friends and family. If you have rich friends and family, you'll be able to get good money. The majority of employees left after the first couple weeks when they ran out of leads, making no money for all the time they put in.

What kind of skills do I need to be successful at Vector Marketing?

“"One of the great things that Vector Marketing teaches its employees is that anyone has the opportunity to do work hard and do great things. It's a life lesson that many people take way too long to figure out in life, those who work hard will always be more successful than those who are just smart. To do well at Vector Marketing you don't necessarily have to be great at anything, you have to be motivated and passionate enough to be successful, to become successful.

With that being said there are definitely some skills that translate better to becoming successful working at Vector Marketing. The skill that will probably get you the furthest in this job is being able to distance yourself from the situation. If you're abe to look away from the actual role you play as part of the sales you're making, and just focus on the potential money to be gained from making the sales, you'll be at a great starting point.

People who are extro-verted will definitely have an initial advantage over those who are more shy / introverted. The job itself requires you to be extro-verted in the extreme, striking up conversations with random people and trying to sell an expensive product is not an easy task. From my experience people are extro-verted don't necessarily make more sales though, it is often the introverted people who become better at reading the situation and selling.

In all, to succeed at Vector Marketing you have to have a strong drive to make money. If you're willing to put the effort in and grind hard, you might be able to make some money with the company."”

How can I apply to Vector Marketing?

“You can apply to Vector Marketing by just submitting you resume online through their website portal. You'll be contacted promptly and brought into an office close to your location. There are no actual requirements to getting the job so you have to just prove yourself in the field!”

How is the interview process for joining Vector Marketing?

“The interview process for joining Vector Marketing is very straight forward. They set you up with a manager and they go through a couple questions about your resume and why you want to work for the company. They usually accept the majority of people who apply, and you're then asked to come in for your training during heir next batch.”

How's the office morale at Vector Marketing?

“A great thing about working for Vector Marketing is you'll be out in the field a lot doing sales so you wont have to be in an office environment. The team itself is very young and motivated which can be exciting, and the majority are there to make money so you can bond over that. Over time many of the employees start to get jaded and some of the friendliness fades, but there are always new people around the office to keep you excited.”

What do customers of Vector Marketing say?

“"The only reason I purchased the knives from Vector Marketing is that it was my friends daughter who was selling them to me. It was very expensive and the product quality didn't really fit the price. I have a cheaper set of knives that actually cut things better so overall not too happy about them."

"Big fan of the knives! I won them at a corporate event at the year end banquet. They have a forever guarantee and they work exactly like I'd expect. Not sure if I would have bought them with my own money but happy that I have the opportunity to use them. Saw the market price and they're very expensive!"

"We've had Cutco knives for 50 years and continue to use them even now. They're great because if ever you need them re-sharpened you can get them re-sharpened for free."”

What kind of career growth is available working at Vector Marketing?

Almost everyone who is now a manager also started at the initial sales role. This means that if you're able to make enough sales and engage with the team lead, you can be promoted to the field sales manager role. The complete career path is then: field sales manager, cutco sales professional, closing gift consultant, assistant manager, branch manager, district manager, division manager, region manager, and lastly president.

What kind of training is there for sales reps at Vector Marketing?

I personally found the training to be very lack luster on sales techniques. The training process was 3 days where we learned basic sales tactics read from a paper by the manager, we learned some key words to use during our demo's, and some background facts about the knives. The real training you get is through being in the field and selling, learning from your own mistakes.

What's the best part about working for Vector Marketing?

The greatest thing about working for Vector Marketing is that they work really hard to personally motivate you to go outside of your comfort zone. No matter how much I dislike the commpany, they do a great job at turning people who used to be socially anxious into people who can handle any conversation. They do this through constant motivational quotes and encouragement.

Why do people think Vector Marketing is a scam?

“"Although the actual products that Vector Marketing sells work, they do cut things, many people who have worked with the company know that in the end, Vector Marketing uses manipulative marketing tacitcs to attract young students to thinking they have the potential to make a lot of money.

First off I just want to preface this by saying I don't think Vector Marketing is a scam, but it definitely is a deceitful company that bends the truths. So what do they lie about? Well first off they don't actually provide a base salary of $17/hour. This pay is dependent on the amount of confirmed demo's you get to show off the product, which usually takes a lot more than 1 hour per demo.

Second is that they market the job as more of a sales representative role, but in reality you're a door to door salesman, or you're doing direct sales to your friends and family. They have no leads in the pipeline for you to work with, you have to provide your own leads and then sell the prodcuts to them.

Lastly, people believe that Vector Markeitng is a scam because the knives they sell are marked up very highly, and don't reflect the actual quality of the material. Many customers I've tried to sell to who actually know what a good knife is like tell me that our knives are worth in the $50-100 range, and not in the $300-400 range.

Even though there's a lot of things wrong with how the company operates, they will continue to get people to sell for them as students coming out of university and highschool are desperate for jobs, and are often willing to take anything that promises good pay."”

About Vector Marketing

Vector Marketing is the direct sales and marketing branch of Cutco. Through a 'legion' of employees, they sell cutlery sets, sporting knives, garden tools, cookware, and other kitchen utensils. The core value behind the product is that they offer a Forever Guarantee, the products should last forever and they can be returned at any time.

Founded in 1981, Vector Marketing holds its headquarters in Olean, New York. The company is run by current CEO & President Albert DiLeonardo and COO John Whelpley, and is a subsidiary of the Cutco Corporation.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying how the motivational approach taken by management has helped many overcome their social fears of selling. Many people also report that there is lots of money to be made in the sales. Former dissenting employees report being frustrated that there is actually a very limited ability to actually making money, that the company lies about what they can actually provide in terms of base salary and training, as well as the loss of social capital from being forced to sell the product to all your friends and family.

Although many other review sites, such as glass-door, indeed, and comparably, give Vector Marketing strong reviews, when taking reviews from real past employees the majority have a negative outlook to how the company operates.

Vector Marketing is always hiring for sales roles, and all other career opportunities at the company progress from the sales role.

Values and Beliefs

Vector Marketing believes in offering their employees 6 different things. They say they offer good and secure base pay, they say they offer flexible schedules set day-by-day. They offer an opportunity for personal growth, they believe there should be no experience barrier to entry, they claim to have great training, and they claim to only sell quality products.

Interview Questions

Why do you want to work for Vector Marketing?

Are you a team player?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What sales experience do you have?

What are your passions?


Vector Marketing was founded in 1981 to be an independent distributor of Cutco Cutlery. The Cutco Corporation was originally founded in 1947 in Olean, New York. In 1974, Alcoa purchased Case Cutlery's share of Alcas, and in 1982 members of Alcas management purchased Cutco Cutlery in a managment buyout, later buying out Vector Marketing in 1985. Vector Marketing's core value is in distributing Cutco Cutlery, being knives and other kitchen appliances, with a FOREVER guarantee.

Vector Marketing has been sued several times in its history. In 2003, a recruiter had a successful lawsuit against Vector as Vector failed to adhere to New York labor laws. The recruiter co-ounded a group named Students Against Vector Exploitation (SAVE), which continues to try and outreach to people and warn them of the problems of working for Vector Marketing. In 2008, Alicia Harris filed a federal class action lawsuit against the company stating that they had violated the California and federal labor laws for failing to pay adequate wages and illegaly coercing employees into patronizing the company.