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Mission: Our mission is to be the on-demand delivery infrastructure for every major city in the world.
San Francisco, California
Houston, Texas
Los Angeles, California
Chicago, Illinois
Employees: 501-1000
  • Total of $278 million in investment 2011-2016
  • Latest round - September 16, 2016 - Series D - $140 million

Company Q&A

Q: What does new hire spin - up consistent of at Postmates?

Q: What does Postmates do to onboard new teammates?

Q: How do managers provide professional feedback to their direct reports?

Q: In what ways does Postmates enable coaching?

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Bryant Tramayne Wallace
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San Francisco, California
San Francisco, California
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What employees at Postmates think about working there

“Working as a delivery guy for Postmates is an ok job if you're looking for some extra cash either between jobs or just on the side of your normal job, but I really wouldn't recommend it as a long term solution. It's more of a trade your time for money type of job.”
“Postmates is a nice company to have on your resume, and you'll be able to learn a significant amount just because there's always way too much to do, but it's not a pleasant job. They have one of the highest turnovers of a financially successful company I've ever seen. They treat people of color and women with very little respect, and the worst form of tech bro culture. is rampant.”
“Alone and without support. The company was predatory and brought infinite sadness to thousands of freelance employees. We sued them.”
“The best part I can say about working for the Postmates is the teams that are working on the product and development of the core product are smart, dedicated, and generally nice. Unfortunately there's so much drama in the office it's nearly impossible to get anything productive done, and the CEO has created this intense atmosphere of fear that weighs on everyone on a daily basis”
“It's an easy job to get but absolutely everything is done through the application. The gig economy is huge now, and flex jobs are a huge fad, Postmates to me is an example of a company that takes advantage of all these people who are looking for flexible work, but doesn't treat their contractors with respect. It can be very difficult to get a hold of anyone when you have a problem, and I get consistently ignored week to week.”

Postmates Glassdoor Themes

Agressive culture (internal)

In my previous jobs I always felt that CEO never really played a roll in the company and was more of a figure head. Working for Postmates has made me realize that when that figurehead is corrupt and just plain mean, the workplace becomes extremely toxic, and the enjoyment of the job severely declines.
If it weren't for the base pay and the opportunity to work on so many different parts of the company I would have left months in. There's so much drama at the office and only the strong survive. A constant fear of being fired combined with people leaving out of their own volition (because the culture is so toxic) makes it very difficult to actually build relationships with people.

Short term position

Working as a delivery driver is pretty relaxing and an easy job to get, so it's perfect for when you're either between jobs or if you're looking for a flex job on top of your normal 9-5. If you're spending a lot of time job searching, then just taking a break and doing a few deliveries can be a great way to pay for groceries and get out of the house.
I would really just recommen working here for a short time. The company brand and the work that you will do will give you a lot of opportunity to work at other companies, but it's the culture that makes you really want to leave. If you stick it out for a few months, you'll be able to learn quickly pretty much every role involved in the office, as well as what you should look for at bad companies.

Unstable environment

There are some really great employees still working at Postmates that I honestly feel bad for, but it was a pleasure bonding over tough times together. The engineering team was forced to come in for mandatory saturday meetings at 9:00 am for over a month, and we would consistently get emergency requests as late as 10:00 pm saying there was work that had to be done immediately. If it wasn't done the next day we would get yelled at by the CEO for not doing our jobs.
Constant layoffs, an environment of fear and frustration, constant last minute changes and no actual clear vision of what Postmates should be like in the future makes this the worst companies I've ever worked for. Postmates started off in a space that was growing heavily and approached it an initially good angle with some strong investent, but besides that I don't really have anything positive to say.

What do customers think of Postmates services?

“I started using Postmates right when it came out and I absolutely love them as a company! They make everything easier, and are perfect for those times where you really don't want to make a trip to the store. Best part about the company for me is the fact that they aren't just a food delivery company, but they also have a bunch of local corner stores and other local businesses that I can buy things from.

Not only have they helped me save time during those busy days, but they've also helped my mother deliver things to her apartment because she no longer has the ability to drive around. When you think about it, buying a jug of water and carrying it to your car is not really an easy task. My mom wouldn't have the ability to actually carry it, nor have it brought up the stairs to her apartment. Because of Postmates, she can get anything delivered at practically anytime.

We've also started using Postmates at work when we've run out of office supplies and need paper for our printer right away. Postmates does extremely quick delivery so it's actually faster to just order a packet of paper from Postmates than it is to walk down to the store, and bring the paper back. Also because no one has to go down, that means people can be productive working on other things instead.

Really the ways you can use Postmates is pretty much endless. What they do is bring every single local company into your room, and give you the opportunity to buy anything at any time.”

What's the interview process like to join Postmates internal team?

“The process to join the internal team is pretty standard. The best way to get a job at Postmates is if you know someone who's already working there and you get introduced. If you don't know someone you just send in an email and get a phone screen set up. If you pass you'll be brought in for a meeting with a few people on the team where you'll solve some case problems that relate to your role. It's a pretty straight forward process.”

How can Postmates help me grow my career?

“Postmates, although I didn't really enjoy my time at the company, was a place where I probably learned the most out of any job. First off you get the Postmates name on your resume, but you also are able to put on a huge diversity of skills and things you've impacted at the company. The great thing is that because the environment is so messy, you'll really know how the work you do impacts the company.”

How can I join the Postmates fleet?

“To join the Postmates fleet of flexible delivery driver jobs, all you have to do is apply through their website. You send in your name and contact information, and they do a quick background check to make sure you don't have a criminal record (for liability purposes). Once you get a response all you have to do is download the app and follow the instructions.”

What's a day in the life of a Postmates delivery driver?

“The great thing about being a delivery driver for Postmates is that your standard day can be very different than another persons standard day! Because you get to work the hours you want, you'll have the opportunity to plan your days exactly as you want to plan them, and don't have to be stuck to the traditional 9-5 lifestyle.

For me, I start my days at around 10:00 am. I take my time to get into the groove of things, have a slow breakfast, go for a walk, read in a park. One of the best things I love about the flexible work schedule is that I get to relax when everyone else is on their way rushing to work all stressed.

After hanging out in the morning and having lunch, I'll start a delivery stretch. I'm lucky that I live in a delivery heavy zone, so I can start working right from my house. My first delivery stretch is usually from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. What you do is just log on to the application and notify that you're ready to pick things up. You'll be pinged when there's an order near you that's ready for delivery, and then I head out.

I make my way to the store and tell them that it's Postmates and my order number is xxx. Sometimes you have to wait for a few minutes before they finish preparing the order, and I just sit in the business and scan Instagram. When the order is ready I'll bike to the address of the delivery, follow the instructions to getting into the apt. or house, and deliver the items.

It's honestly a really easy job that I'm very thankful time at this point in my life. I was just let go from my previous job and I'm in the process of looking for a new one, but working for Postmates is the dream job transitioning between jobs. ”

Will Postmates be a good place to work 2 years from now?

I'm surprised Postmates has survived the last 2 years to be honest. There's very little direction by the CEO and no-one really understands where we should be focusing as a company. Although I would hope and expect that Postmates won't be alive 2 years from now, I wouldn't be surprised if it somehow stayed alive because they just have such a tight hold over a large delivery fleet.

What's the engineering team like?

The engineering team is filled with dedicated, hardworking people that really know their stuff. Unfortunately though engineers are really taken advantage of and asked to do a lot of extra work. The company was built on huge amounts of technical debt that haven't been addressed, and we're constantly having to catch up or find weird implementations to make things work.

What makes Postmates different from its competitors?

Postmates is different than a lot of other companies in the food delivery space because they also integrate into other companies for any type of delivery. It doesn't necessarily have to be a restaurant. They're also one of the first companies to be focusing on global expansion, growing to mexico and southern america to gain a stronger hold and market share.

What's the environment like at Postmates internal office?

“The internal office of Postmates is, I feel, one of the most toxic and dis-functional offices that has ever existed. Especially for a company that says they pride themselves in teamwork and having a strong startup-culture. The only part of Postmates that is 'startup culture' is the fact that there's too much to get done, and not enough people able to do the work.

The biggest thing for me that makes the environment so bad is the CEO. Usually, the companies that I've worked, people have pretty much no opinion of the CEO. But at Postmates, Bastian constantly wants to have complete control of everything that is going on in the office. The problem is that his ideas don't make sense, and he talks down to people who go against what he says. The poor environment at Postmates is, I think I can say, almost purely attributed to Bastian's heavy handed tactics.

Although the team working on the product is nice in general and hard working, it's impossible for us to really build camaraderie because people are constantly either leaving or getting fired. If you're picky about offices and only work at places where the environment is conducive to good work, than Postmates is definitely not a good company to work for.”

About Postmates

Postmates is a gig economy company that connects local businesses with couriers to give customers the ability to order anything locally on-demand. Helping both companies, by providing them with an easily integrate-able api and access to a larger customer base, and by helping customers by giving them the ability to order anything online, Postmates opens up new opportunities for the local economy.

Founded in 2011 by Sam Street, Bastian Lehmann, and Sean Plaice, Postmates has its headquarters based in San Francisco, California. A member of Angelpad's first accelerator cohort, Postmates has been able to grow very quickly in a competitive industry. With a firm grasp on a high percentage of American market share in the on demand and delivery industries, Postmates has grown to over 2,800 employees, 20 offices, and over $1 billion in yearly revenues.

Postmates has two segments of people they employ. There are delivery contractors who deliver the purchased items on-demand, and members of the internal team that grow the company itself. Postmates is constantly hiring for new delivery people to join their fleet, and reviews in this article that are written by fleet members will be prefaced with 'Fleet'. Postmates is also hiring for their internal team, with over 150 jobs posted on indeed, the company is hiring for roles in business development, engineering, and marketing among other positions.

Positive reviews from delivery drivers report enjoying: the flexible work times, the ability to find new restaurants, the easy job for quick money, and the ability to bike/drive around while making money. Negative reviews from delivery drivers report being frustrated with: the customers that don't tip, the lack of training, the lack of support from internal, and the long wait times between orders.

Positive reviews from the internal team report enjoying: the fast work pace, the ability to learn a lot of different skills, and the nice and helpful team. Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with: the high amount of office drama, the stagnating growth, the aggressive CEO, the lack of diversity in the workplace, the high amount of technical debt, and the tech-bro culture.

Values and Beliefs

Postmates has 4 core values that drive how the company wants to approach its customers, employees, and its future strategic growth as a company. These 4 company values are:

- Be eccentric. Postmates recognizes that approaching a market differently and doing things in a different but more niche way helps liberate people from standards while creating the potential for a completely new market.

- Create things that last. Knowing that over time, strong infrastructure is what will help companies and people continue to prosper into the future, Postmates puts a focus on creating things that last.

- Embrace the new, new. Staying on the edge and constantly adapting to the ever changing technological environment is how Postmates plans on approaching the future. What is sci-fi now could be the standard in a few years.

- Out of many, one. Postmates recognizes that it plays a significant part in impacting the lives of the people it touches, from their couriers to their partnered companies. Postmates knows it must stay socially responsible for its stakeholders and for the larger world as a whole.

Interview Questions

*Very situational base interview*

Why are you interested in working at Postmates?

Tell me about yourself.

Go over your resume.

What would you do if someone in your team isn't performing?

How would you respond in a situation that needs immediate attention?

How would you respond to a customer that isn't happy?


Founded in 2011 by Sean Plaice, Bastian Lehmann, and Sam Street, Postmates initally grew out of Angelpad's first incubator cohort. Growing in a competitive time in the industry, Postmates was able to enter the delivery market before many of the larger competitors, such as Uber, started to join the market and invest a lot in market development.

Receiving over $1.8 million through seed and Angel rounds of investment in the first couple years of its operations, Postmates was able to scale to a $5 million Series A round in 2013 led by the Founders Fund. In late 2014 the company released its first API to merchants to support any company in joining their roster of local companies that local customers could purchase from.

From 2014 to 2016, Postmates raised raised over $270 million, after finding strong product-market-fit. By 2015, Postmates had already made 2.5 million deliveries across 28 different markets, and had expanded its fleet to 13,000 couriers. Recently Postmates has expanded to Mexico City to grow outside of the U.S., continuing to grow at a steady rate.