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Mission: Our mission is as simple today as it was thirty plus years ago: to bring great people and great organizations together.
Location: Maryland, Washington
Employees: 19364
Funding: Private Company

Company Q&A

Q: How does AeroTek onboard new hires?

“They would usually call you up and give you details and information to help out new hires.”

Q: How are teammates provided with feedback?

Q: Relative to your competitors, what makes Aerotek unique?

Q: How does Aerotek onboard new hires?

“New Hires are screened for compatible, Qualification, experience and skills, then interviewed. ”

Q: How does Aerotek onboard new hires?

“New hires are aligned to Account Managers for training and development. ”
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Team Members

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Badobre Patrick Kafe
Christina Zanti
Benjamin Ntiamoah
Naville Christian
Ilene Weathers
Michael Moore
Travis Gott
Daniella Izzo
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Aerotek  •
Maryland, Washington
Calgary, Alberta
Looking for PLC Programmers to add to our team. These PLC...
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Aerotek Salaries

30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 10% 20% 30% 40%
Top 25%
Bottom 25%


What employees at Aerotek think about working there

“Candidate "They work really hard to get you your placement, probably because they get a cut from your salary."”
“Recruiter "The best career opportunity out of university. They invest a lot of time in your success and they have a very dedicated training program."”
“Candidate "I was waiting for a job opportunity for them for months. They kept sending me messages saying they had a match, then would just not respond to my calls."”
“I enjoy working here, and learn a lot every day!”
“Candidate "Never again. I had to fight for an actual liveable wage. Aerotek took away like 25% of my salary."”

Aerotek Glassdoor Themes

Recruiter - Poor work/life balance

You get into work at 7:00 and leave at 7:00. But you don't really leave, you're expected to take your laptop home and continue working. It's not work/life balance, its just work.
If I didn't like the people I work with I would have left long ago. Your colleagues become your only friends since you're always working.

Recruiter - Young and fun company culture

This is a great opportunity right out of university. Their training is fantastic and my co-workers quickly became my friends.
Really fun environment! It's intense but you're all in it together. Love my team!

Recruiter - Opportunities for advancement

You have to work super hard here but at least management recognizes the people who put in the work.
Three months in I was given a raise. Hit your numbers and managers will instantly recognize it and promote you.

What's a day in the life at Aerotek?

“"Working at Aerotek is a great learning experience. You work really hard, but along the way you get constant support from management and your co-workers.

Your day starts pretty early, I'm lucky that I live pretty close to the office, so I get in around 7:30 and review the companies that are looking for hiring contractors or full-time employees. I set up the rest of my day, checking up on all the candidates we have in the funnel and noting down those who fit the skill requirements of the companies I'm working with.

Early in the day management holds a quick meeting to make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of metrics and goals. We verbalize what our goals are for the day and how we expect to hit them, and if anyone has any questions we're encouraged to ask. The great thing is that because the team is all on the same page I look forward to these meetings! Usually I'll be able to ask someone on their opinion on a certain candidate for a certain contract position to see if they think the match makes sense. We're dealing with peoples lives so I like checking in on those edge cases to see if people are on the same train of thought as me.

Throughout the day we're doing a lot of phone calls to potential candidates in the funnel, doing basic screening and marking down their skills and requirements. We're also contacting companies to see how their hires are doing and what we can do to make their experience better!

After lunch we usually have another quick meeting to check in on how the day is going. This gives us a good chance to follow up on some questions and it holds us accountable to the goals we set earlier in the day. For the rest of the day we're managing our accounts, either bringing in people for interviews or refining requirements for companies.

I really enjoy working here because of the fast paced environment and the impact we can have on peoples lives!"”

Candidate - What opportunities can I expect to get out of Aerotek?

“It really depends on what your skills are. The great thing about Aerotek is they have so many partnered companies they can usually find you something pretty quick.”

Candidate - How much of a cut does Aerotek take?

“I'm unsure of the exact number but it's definitely not small. They work hard to place you quickly so they definitely deserve some, but I think it ranges company to company.”

Recruiter - What's life like at Aerotek?

“My office at Aerotek is very young and fast paced. I'm on the same page in terms of interest with a lot of my co-workers which makes it fun. We work hard but the overall atmosphere is positive.”

What is management like at Aerotek?

“"Aerotek management has its pros and cons. Sometimes they're great because they support you and are constantly trying to help you succeed. Sometimes it can get frustrating though because they can be overbearing and their biggest focus is metrics.

The great thing about the Aerotek management is that from day one they demonstrate their focus in wanting you to succeed. They training is extensive, a week long orientation where they teach you all about their culture and values, what Aerotek provides in the industry and why our jobs are important. As I ramped up in responsibility the following weeks, they followed up with me in a positive way, making sure any of my questions were answered and aknowledging that if I needed to talk to anyone, they would be there. Over the next months it showed that management cared for their employees as I saw my co-workers be constantly promoted and given better salaries, if your sales were doing well they definitely did a great job at incentivizing you to keep going!

The promotion aspect is also part of my negative experience with Aerotek. Managers are extremely focussed towards hitting numbers. If you aren't hitting your numbers, they start to become personally involved in your processes, critiquing you at every opportunity and micro-managing every move. I understand that their salaries are also based on our performance, but you could palpably feel the stress as they lean over your desk and analyze every choice. If you don't hit your numbers, they're quick to cut you."”

Recruiter - How can I make sure I succeed at Aerotek?

If you want to succeed there's one thing that you have to do - hit your numbers. Work hard and get those placements, management will recognize it very quickly and give you a raise or promotion opportunities.

Recruiter - What sort of career progression is available?

Aerotek promotes you very quickly if you're able to make good sales. Either to management positions, sourcing, or other areas of the company. To succeed as a recruiter you have to work hard and management recognizes that can transfer to other positions.

Recruiter - What benefits does Aerotek provide?

They provide good matches on pension and RRSP investments, pretty good health plan for dental, and chiro. They only give 2 weeks vacation, vision benefits aren't as good, and no gym membership compensation.

What do companies say about using Aerotek?

“"My company uses Aerotek consistently to fill temporary positions with qualified candidates. Their turnaround time is very good and their service is amazing. A lot of the temporary contractors that we got through Aerotek have become full-time employees. They've become an integral part of our human resources system."

"I'm going to give an honest reply that some people may not like. Our company uses Aerotek for one reason: we can hide our HR costs on our balance sheet to dodge some taxes. My boss finds people through Aerotek, gives them the 3-4 week training, labelling them as a contractor, then hires them after so that he can put employee training on a different line cost on his spreadsheet. Are they good? They're ok and usually have a big list of possible candidates, but the reason a lot of companies use them is it cuts costs."

"As someone who's used Aerotek to place me at companies I don't really know how I feel. They work really hard to find a placement that matches your needs, which is great because I've never been great at looking for work, but they take about a quarter of my salary! People who work the same position as me at this company are making more than 20% more than me and we do the same work. Aerotek works because they place you quickly and in good companies, but the cost is pretty big."”

About Aerotek

Aerotek is a world wide staffing agency that matches candidates with top companies. Aerotek offers staffing services, clinical trial support, government workforce contractors, workforce management, and professional engineering solutions.

Founded in 1983, with headquarters in Maryland, U.S., Aerotek started as a staffing agency to fill the technical roles in the aeropsace industry. As they continued to grow, Aerotek soon became the the Allegis group, a group of staffing agencies world wide worth $11.2B and having 15,000 employees in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Aerotek is a two sided market, looking for candidates to match with top companies, and looking for recruiters to join their own team. This article will review questions and reviews regarding both sides of the company. Reviews and questions that pertain to candidates being staffed by Aerotek will be prefaced with 'candidate', reviews and questions that pertain to joining the internal Aerotek team will be prefaced with 'recruiter'.

Being a leading staffing agency worldwide, Aerotek offers potential candidates with a wide variety of contracts and full-time positions. There are a wide variety of internal career opportunities at Aerotek ranging from recruiters and account managers, to marketing and finance.

Values and Beliefs

Aerotek has three core values that don't differ from the top upper management to the recruiter. Aerotek is dedicated to having a workplace of diversity and inclusion. They recognize that it doesn't matter what you're background or social position is, what matter is how hard you work and your ability to help people succeed in their careers. Stemming from this, another core value of Aerotek is they provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to every individual in the company. What Aerotek recognized is many employers promote their favorites which leaves the high performers feeling outcasted. Aerotek keeps standard metrics for promotion and gives the opportunity for anyone to move up the ranks. Lastly, Aerotek is committed to consistently providing the highest quality of service possible to its customers and partnered companies. Aerotek is the glue that keeps many companies running with a constant stream of qualified contractors and hires, to keep strong business relationships Aerotek is dedicated to consistently providing the highest quality of service possible.

Interview Questions

Why Aerotek?

How do you respond to feedback?

What is your biggest regret?

What are 3 qualities you would look for when hiring people to work for you?

Please explain a recent project you have worked on that demonstrates your leadership abilities.

Tell me about a time that was challenging for you and how you handled it.


Aerotek was founded in 1983 by current CEO Jim C. Davis, and by the owner of the Baltimore Ravens Steve Bisciotti. The original focus of the company was to provide technically skilled candidates to the engineering and aerospace industry. With its headquraters in Hanover, Maryland, U.S., Aerotek quickly grew to become a dominating recruitment agency in the U.S. for engineering and aerospace, and began to quickly expand, building and acquiring new businesses to better serve their customers and candidates. Over time Aerotek became the Allegis group, an international staffing and workforce management company. With an overall mission to provide organizations with the highest quality of talent, while supporting the talent in building meaningful and profitable careers to achieve personal success, The Allegis group now has a wide range of subsidiaries including Aerotek, TEKsystems, MarketSource, Aston Carter, Allegis Global Solutions, and Major, Lindsey & Africa. Allegis group offers insights on industry trends to better prepare companies for the changing world, having white papers on the importance and advante of diversity & inclusion in the workplace, how AI is changing the working world, and how to be more effective in your recruitment processes.