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Mission: To positively impact lives, transform communities and make the world a better place, uniting professionals working collaboratively across a broad range of disciplines.
Los Angeles, California
New York City, New York
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Houston, Texas
San Francisco, California
Employees: 87000
Funding: Over 22 Acquisitions totalling more than $6 billion in purchases

Company Q&A

Q: In 6 years, what impact do you hope Aecom will have had?

Q: How does AECOM onboard new hires?

“New hires are required to come in and do safety training modules depending on the job they are hired for”

Q: How does AECOM onboard new hires?

“If you know someone who works there or are related to someone in the company, it seems anyway”

Q: How does Aecom onboard new hires?

“I can't remember ”

Q: How does AECOM onboard new hires?

“New hires work under the mentorship of a senior engineer/project manager, and provide assistance when necessary, until they eventually can take on their own projects.”
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Team Members

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Pallavi Rai
Harsh Vashi
Saed mohamed ahmed
Mark Hanna
Karolina Krzynowek
Daveen Jay
Jason anthony
Lisa Dickie
Ben Hlewka
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Aecom  •
Los Angeles, California
New York City, New York
AECOM is seeking a Project Engineer/Structural Engineer, this...
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What employees at Aecom think about working there

“Probably one of the worst companies I've had the displeasure of working at. No training at all, management that visibly didn't care about their employees, false promises used to retain talent... Aecom is the example of a Fortune 500 company hell bent on the bottom line and shareholder value increases.”
“I've been working at Aecom for 18 years and I've seen it consistently decline in terms of quality of work and team morale over my time here. The best part about working for Aecom was that there were many fantastic and highly skilled people, most of these have since left for greener opportunities and for companies that respect them.”
“Really terrible work/life balance. Managers may seem like they care at first but tell them you already have family commitments once and they'll brush you off for the rest of your time there. The company is nickel and diming absoltely every expense while executives are getting huge bonuses... really detestable business.”
“Aecom is the dominating company in the industry, so working here means you'll be working some very interesting and complex problems, but it also means you'll feel like a number of a impossibly complex system. All the pros and cons of working for a huge organization, but definitely the most polarized version I've seen. Great pros, terrible cons.”
“Great benefits and starting salary. We're given quite a large workload but the work itself is always interesting and because the company has so many offices there are many opportunities for collaboration. If you're looking to expand your network and skills, Aecom is a great place to accelerate your career.”

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Poor work/life balance

Although the projects themselves are interesting, management expects you to put work over absolutely everything else. Many times I've been asked to make long unpaid trips to other offices to collaborate on projects over the weekend.
Management seems to get frustrated if you aren't working 50+ hour weeks. My manager was constantly questioning my level of productivity even though I was definitely pulling my weight as part of the team. If you want opportunities to advance in the organization, expect to have to spend atleast 60+ hour weeks.

Interesting projects

Aecom is a very diverse company and industry leader. I've had many opportunities to move around into related sectors and learn how architectural design implementations are different from government, to large businesses. Great opportunities to learn and test new things.
The ability to work on highly technical and complex problems for some of the worlds biggest organizations is pretty cool, but it gets old quickly. I'd much rather have competent managers and a positive work environment.

Non-engaging management

Executive management says good things for the PR and to try and short term boost employee morale, but the message is lost somewhere in the middle. What ends up happening is false promise after false promise of changes to be implemented with little to no follow-up.
Pretty much all the real official and unofficial leaders who are relied on to get the work done are leaving because of completely incompetent management. The company seems to be purely focussed on the bottom line and upper management isn't at all connected with the day to day operations of the business.

What kind of projects have AECOM worked on??

“"AECOM offers every service immagineable for architectural design and work implementation. Spanning a wide range of markets for architectural design and infastructure implementation in the commercial & residential, education, healthcare, industrial, governmental, oil & gas, sports venue, transportation, and more spaces.

Not only do we provide services in these wide range of markets for architecture and design, but also in asset management, construction, engineering, IT & cybersecurity, planning & consulting, operations & maintenance, and pretty much every other aspect involved with infastructure development.

Some of the projects we've worked on include providing the U.S. Air Force with a wide range of support services (a $3.1 billion, 15 year contract), developing a Remotely Piloted Aircraft operations and maintentance support system ($961 million value), to providing site supervision services for the Malaysia's East Coast Rail Link project.

Working at AECOM means you have the opportunity to work on pretty much any type of huge industrial infastructure project, anywhere in the world."”

What's the interview process like at Aecom?

“Aecom's hiring process is purely based on if you meet their technical requirements and you seem to be able to work in an high pressured environment. Most of the interview is technical verification and reviewing the contents of your resume. Very few behavioural questions.”

What kind of people succeed at Aecom?

“The people who are able to move up the ranks of the company are the ones who are in the right crowd. If you're able to build connections with the right people, and consistently put more work in than everyone else (60+ hour work weeks), you'll be given a lot of opportunity to move up in the company.”

How's the work life balance at Aecom?

“In my experience in the office Aecom doesn't do a good job at all at giving us the opportunity to have a life outside the office. Our group has been known to put 12 hour days in 17 days straight. I've heard that field projects can have better work life balance, until it's the peak construction part of a project.”

What would you like to change about the culture at Aecom?

“"There's a lot that needs to be done to shift AECOM's culture in the right direction. There have rececntly beens ome initiatives directed by the top executives but with very little follow-through, which just worsens the environment. Knowing that executives are willing to say anything to try and keep us to stay, including false promises of change, sucks the energy out of you.

To change the culture there first needs to an overall of top management. Many of the employees have lost their trust in the team that they'll actually follow through on what they say they're going to do.

From there, middle managers need to engage with their teams and encourage open and candid discussions. With only yearly reviews it can be very difficult to understand how you're doing on a day to day basis, and you can feel lost as part of such a huge organization. This will help people feel more engaged with their career, and they'll have more faith that AECOM can help them achieve their goals.

In my time working at AECOM we've also had no team bonding events. Our Christmas party was a potluck where everyone had to bring their own food. If we could set aside a day for food and team building it would show that management sees their employees as more than just numbers.

Overall, with AECOM's size it feels like employees well-being is of very low priority. If management consciously addressed this and recognized their previous errors, employee morale would be greatly increase."”

What's the feedback process at Aecom?

We're only given feedback on our performance once a year at a yearly formal review process. If you want to receive feedback outside of that time frame you have to approach your manager and specifically ask. In my experience though, managers don't like being approached with the question because it's not part of the general work culture.

How are decisions about promotions made at Aecom?

I honestly have no clue how my office does its promotions. No one in my office has gotten any kind of promotion or raise in the past two years. I've heard from other offices though that the best way to move up is to continuously get new licences, supplement your engineering degree with an architectural license and you'll have a much higher chance of being promoted.

How often do raises happen at Aecom?

In general AECOM only gives raises once a year around the formal review time. In the past few years we've only gotten 1% raises across the entire team which I find pretty insulting. They don't give raises based on merit because management doesn't understand who's actually doing the work.

What's leadership like at Aecom?

“"In the engineering department, the departmental leadership is strong. You can definitely feel like they know what's going on, and are skilled at what they do. Local office leadership are more often than not just managers and don't actually lead. Corporate leadership seems to ignore what we want and is only focussed on the bottom line."

"The design department has gone through two team managers and two upper level managers in one year. Our regional design manager is not engaged with our office and seems to not care that turnover is unbelievably high. There is a serious lack of leadership that's very obvious when you look at the team and its direction."

"It depends on the department. As I've travelled around different offices I've seen some great leaders and strong teams. Usually these teams are working on interesting and complex projects, and are too focussed on delivery to worry about the politics of a normal office environment.

Many of the offices I've travelled to though have terrible management. From the moment you walk in you can feel the depressed atmosphere of the office. When you're applying to an AECOM job, keep this in mind. Make sure you're feeling out the environment of the office, and if it seems terrible, don't be afraid to try out a different one."”

About Aecom

Aecom designs, builds, finances, and operates infastructure assets for governments, businesses, and organizations. By providing completely integrated architectural & engineering services, Aecom is able to connect knowledge and experience across a global network of experts to help clients solve their most complex challenges.

Founded in 1990, Aecom is a Fortune 500 company that leads the global architectural and engineering industries. With over $18.2 billion in revenue in 2017, and operations in over 150 countries, Aecom is truly an international company. The company has grown quickly in recent years, from having an estimated 46,000 employees in 2014 to having an estimated 87,000 employees in 2018.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying the large projects within a varying range of industries, the generally professional and composed co-workers, and the good benefits. Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the non-defined organizational structure, the lack of training, the extremely high turnover year over year, the nickel and diming to satisfy shareholders, and the complete disregard for employee well-being.

There are over 5,500 jobs listed on Glassdoor and jobs available in over 150 cities on Indeed. Aecom is hiring for careers in engineering, project managment, human resources, finance, management, data science, and business development.

Values and Beliefs

AECOM is built on the idea to imagine a better world. They have 6 core values that define how they act in their day to day business operations.

- They focus on being a safeguard, operating ethically and with integrity to provide safety and security in everything.

- They collaborate, building diverse teams of expertise to create innovative solutions.

- They claim to inspire by developing and celebrating internal talent.

- They anticipate the needs of their clients and help them see further.

- They focus on delivery, growing its business based on operational excellence.

- They dream, aiming to transcend the industry by reimagining what's possible.

Interview Questions

Why do you want to work for Aecom?

Tell me about yourself.

What sector would you like in?

Tell me about your technical background?

What did you like about your last job?


Founded in 1990, Aecom can trace its origins to the Kentucky-based Ashland Oil & Refining company. Ashland chose to return to its core petroleum business in late 1980s, and an employee buyback proposal was recommended which resulted in the spin-off of Ashland Technology into the creation of AECOM. AECOM gained it's name from the combination of Architecture, Engineering, Consulting, Operations, and Maintenance. The company has had as its major focus acquisitions, acquiring dozens of companies in the 90s and 2000s, bringing it to an IPO in 2007 which netted $468.3 million.